Zeb's Smokehouse will custom process your beef and pork! 


Quality ‘

meats’ Convenience

Zeb comes to the farm with a refrigerated truck to harvest the beef or pork. Before he leaves the farm the meat has been washed and is hanging in a cooler for transport back to the locker. You meat stays clean and cool from start to finish!

We are dedicated to a quality product, and will take great care of your meat from farm to table!

MSU Truck.jpg

This is our refrigerated reefer trailer. The back of the truck is where the animal is skinned and washed and then it is hung on our rail system and transferred into the front area which is an inspected mobile cooling unit. It is then transferred to our locker and cut to your personal preferences with the option of creating specialty smoked items as well!

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Beef butchering cost:

Slaughter 100 | 0.75/lb hanging weight | 0.30/lb grinding

Pork butchering cost:

Slaughter 60 | 0.65/lb hanging weight | 0.30/lb grinding

~ We offer custom smoked bacon, hams, loins, chops, and ribs, as well as fresh breakfast sausage and declicous brats!

MSU Site fee $80 + $1/mile

Not a farmer…. not a problem! We work with several farmers who are passionate about raising top quality livestock. You are in the heartland of USA meat production - why buy it from the big box stores?

Contact Zeb's Smokehouse to be put on either the producer list or consumer list.  We will connect the consumer with the producer.  The consumer pays the producer for the beef or pork, once payment is received we will process the animal for the consumer!

Additional benefits you will receive by choosing Zeb's Smokehouse:

Vacuum Sealed Packaging Benefits:

Taste: We have vacuum sealed all of your fresh cuts. When you are ready to enjoy it your meat will taste as though it was freshly cut!

Longer freezer life: Paper wrapped products are not air tight and will freezer burn or often taste like “freezer.” Vacuum sealed products are air tight, and preserve the freshness of your meat for well over a year. Be sure you put these packages in your freezer with care, you do not want to puncture the bag. If the bag is punctured air can enter and it will decrease the freezer life of your meat. Be gentle. :)

Visibility: You can see exactly what is in the package without having to unwrap and rewrap it.