Zeb's Recommendations for preparing your meat for transport:

Before bringing your wild game in for processing - 

DO NOT allow wild game to lie over night without being field dressed.

DO NOT pile hot wild game on top of each other, they will not cool properly and will spoil.

Wild Game needs to have proper tags attached.

We would prefer to have deer come in with heads on.

Wash out the inside of the carcass and remove all hair and blood.  This will also help cool the meat.

Put bags of ice in chest cavity to cool carcass when weather is warm.  Bring it in as soon as possible.

Prop wild game legs and cavity open to cool.  If this is not done, the meat may spoil.

DO NOT skin your wild game.  The hide helps to protect the meat from contamination while traveling and keeps it from drying out.  It takes longer and wastes meat if we have to trim a layer from carcass or remove contamination.

DO NOT split the brisket or rib cage.  This will reduce excess hair in the cavity.

DO NOT cut the tendons on the back legs.  We need them to hang the wild game.

DO NOT allow game to hang for more than one day without hide on before deboning.  Carcass may dry excessively and require us to skin again.

After skinning, use a butane torch to singe off hair that remains on carcass.

Hose carcass down inside and out when possible or wash with clean water and rag.

Use your senses.  If it doesn't look or smell like good fresh met, trim it off and dispose of it.

DO NOT put hot game in sealed bags or containers.  Meat needs to be cooled properly before deboning.

Remove all fat, hair and contamination from trim.

DO NOT soak game meat in water.  Meat should be bright red.

DO NOT grind the trim.

DO NOT use scented garbage bags.

Place game trim in clear plastic bags and remove air.  Freeze the meat right away or bring in within a couple days.

If you want dried venison, wild game or jerky made, remove leg at joint and bring the whole hindquarter.  If you wish to remove the bone yourself, open leg at outer seam, cut down to bone, and remove bone carefully.  Leave whole muscles in tact.

All trim meat that we debone or trim brought in is commingled with other same species.

You will get back all steaks and roasts off of your own game.  All trim brought in is thoroughly and meticulously inspected.

We will charge extra if we have to remove any extra fat or bone.

Meat will be refused if it is not properly cared for.