Zeb's Smokehouse is a family owned business dedicated to delivering customers quality services and products. We love our town and are 100% certain our customers are the best!

Zeb’s Smokehouse specializes in processing custom smoked meats, wild game, and offers the first farm-to-table butcher service in the state of Iowa. Zeb’s Smokehouse proudly ships around the world and can also be found in surrounding retailers in our area.

We have processed thousands of deer and other wild game including bear, elk, moose, wild boar, water fowl and more! We are proud to process the harvests of hunters from all over the country. Our customers return year after year to process their meat knowing they with get a whole lot of deliciousness they will be excited to enjoy and share with (or hide from) :) friends and family.

Seeing the smoke billowing out of the chimney, stepping through the smokehouse door and smelling the wood smoked products right out of the smokehouse is a treat in itself. Come on in to Zeb's Smokehouse and see for yourself why people who visit, come back again and again, to stock up on treats for parties, sporting events, and road trips, or grab something that they can take home to enjoy for a quick and easy supper!



(712) 523-2526



Zeb's Smokehouse
406 Madison
Bedford, IA 50833


Seasonal hours

September - March

  M-Fri 9am–5pm

November - March       extended hours
  Sat  9am-1pm


April - August

Wed - Friday 9am-5pm